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Los tumores son tejidos funcionales conectados y dependientes del microambiente. A biophysical filter that provides protection, nutrition and cell alberts introduccion a la biologia celular pdf, it is the site for immune response, angiogenesis, fibrosis and tissue regeneration. It is also the transport medium for mechanical forces to the basal membrane through integrins that support the tensegrity system, activating cellular epigenetic mechanisms. Tumours are functionally connected tissues which depend on the microenvironment.

This tumour microenvironment, made up of ECM, stromal cells and the immune response, determines the morphology and tumour histopathological classification, clinical behaviour, prognosis and immune response to the tumour. Both in physiological and pathological conditions, reciprocity in the communication between stromal and parenchymal cells determine gene expression. Keywords: Extracelular matrix, Pischinger basic system, tensegrity, mechanotransduction, cellular adhesion molecules, integrins, bioelectromagnetism. CO2, toxinas y productos de desecho.

I, II, III, V y XI. Se ramifican y se unen unas a otras formando una red de mallas muy irregulares. Parecen una escobilla de limpiar frascos, con una parte central proteica y con los GAG asemejando a las cerdas de la escobilla. GP poseen regiones que se unen a receptores celulares y regiones que se unen a fibras.

MEC, escasa en el tejido epitelial y muy abundante en el tejido conectivo. 1 se caracterizan por presentar la cadena beta-1 de tipo CD29. Su cadena alfa puede ser de varios tipos. VLA1, VLA2, VLA3, VLA4, VLA5 y VLA6. Huxley-Jones J, Pinney JW, Archer J, Robertson DL, Boot-Handford RP. Huxley-Jones J, Robertson DL, Boot-Handford RP. On the origins of the extracellular matrix in vertebrates.

The structural and mechanical complexity of cell-growth control. Sakakura T, Nishizuka Y, Dawe CJ. Mesenchyme-dependent morphogenesis and epithelium-specific cytodifferentiation in mouse mammary gland. The extracellular matrix and ground regulation. Charge transfer in the living matrix. Claude Bernard, the first systems biologist, and the future of physiology.

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