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Corporate Environmental Strategy and Management Brother Group’s Environmental Strategy Environmental policy The Brother Group’s mission is to place our customers first everywhere, every time, and provide them with superior value, by quickly creating and delivering high-quality products and services. The Brother Group shall positively and continuously act to decrease the environmental impact of all aspects of our business operations so that society concept of environmental education pdf achieve sustainable development. Concern for the environment shall be the cornerstone of all operations.

Safety and environmental impact shall be prime considerations at every stage of a product’s life cycle, from design, development, manufacturing, customer usage, and disposal, to reuse and recycling. Both manufacturing and sales facilities work to acquire ISO 14001 certification, and strive to reduce environmental impact by conserving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. We will not limit our activities to the observation of laws and regulations in all countries where we conduct business, but will also act with a strong moral responsibility to prevent pollution and reduce environmental impact. A rigorous management framework ensures compliance with environmental laws and regulations in respective countries, prevents oversight and omissions, and enables a quick response. We will always consider waste reduction by more efficient use of resources and recycling of products, and will also avoid creating contamination by hazardous substances when designing and developing both technologies and products. While respecting voluntary activities by each company of the Brother Group, we will also exercise our environmental duties as a united group.

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