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If you have no experience with camping, or have spent little time in the woods, this can be a frightening and dangerous experience. Even if you essentials of psychological testing pdf completely alone, knowing how to do these ten things can keep you safe and in good condition.

If you ever have to survive some sort of disaster and decide to stay in a wooded area, you will be much closer to being able to stay in this setting for weeks, or even months if needed. Be Mentally and Emotionally Prepared You emotional and mental preparedness for surviving in the wild should start before you find yourself in the woods and have to face the experience. Remember, nature is not your enemy. The woods and its inhabitants usually kill or maim only in the course of trying to survive, defend themselves from predators, and raise their young.

As long as you do not interfere, you can live comfortably in the woods regardless of the time of day. If you are reading this and know nothing of living in or traveling through the wilderness, start learning from now. Read articles, go camping with experienced groups of people, and do all you can to gather factual and accurate information on how to live in the woods and understand its inhabitants. The more you know about living in these conditions, the less you will fear them. The less fear you have, the easier it will be to go about taking care of basic needs if you must stay in a wilderness setting at night. Maintain Appropriate Body Temperature As with any other place, temperatures are apt to drop at night. If you did not bring extra clothing, or the right kinds of clothes, you will need to find some other way to keep warm.

Plastic Bags Always keep a construction grade plastic bag with you, it will be large enough to line with leaves or other insulating material to sleep in. Remember to leave some room open even around your body so that sweat evaporates properly and air continues to circulate around your skin. In extreme cold temperatures, moisture near your skin can cause your core temperature to drop to dangerous levels. Build a Fire Learn how to build a fire safely and effectively, including how to build a fire in the rain. Pack a tea light, and remember to search for pine cones. Both will make excellent tinder material. Don’t forget to bring along a fire starter such as waterproof matches or some other type of fire starter that you feel comfortable with.

Cover Yourself with Leaves As long as the leaves aren’t damp and are free of bugs, mold, and mildew, they will keep you warmer than not covering with anything at all. Find and Purify Water to Stay Hydrated Maybe you aren’t lost, and still expect to arrive back in a populated area in a few hours. Even though you may not think much about water, it is still need it on hand and to stay hydrated all the time. When you are stressed out, engaging in more intense physical activities, or dealing with increased temperature changes, your body will release more sweat, and also use more water for other vital processes. So you need clean water on hand and use it when you are trying to survive in the wilderness especially if overnight. Know how to capture water from leaves, earth, and rainfall.

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