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Could Argonne’s battery recycling model boost the market for electric vehicles? In partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Argonne’s unique technical capabilities, instruments and techniques are helping to develop cost-effective catalysts that industry can use to bring biofuels to the marketplace. The 120-semester hour engineering bachelor’s degree is delivered primarily at Moline campus, with the freshman and sophomore years also offered in Macomb. The program offers a multidisciplinary program where students can focus in civil, computer-electrical, manufacturing-quality and materials engineering and engineering management. The Engineering degree program prepares graduates to thrive in the technology-driven global workplace. The program focuses on the practice of engineering with a broad curriculum that emphasizes the basic engineering fundamentals companies in this region require.

The program allows students to select electives from a number of areas to increase depth and expertise, including the Traditional general degree, Robotics, Civil, industrial, and Electrical Engineering. All four years of the engineering degree can be completed at the Quad Cities campus. WIU-QC offers a dual enrollment program through which students simultaneously enroll at a partner community college and our Engineering program. Students in the dual enrollment program who maintain full-time status can take advantage of the Western tuition cost guarantee. State-of-the-Art Engineering Program Western is the only public institution in the Quad Cities to offer Engineering. The School is housed in the new, ultramodern Riverfront Campus.

Like the campus, equipment, tooling, and computer resources are the latest and best available. Furthermore, the club will strive to represent and promote the Engineering Department at WIU-QC by hosting and participating in local engineering related activities. Industry Partnership The program is unique because of Western’s strategic partnerships with industry in the region. There are ample opportunities for practical, hands-on, educational engineering experiences through Western’s links to businesses, manufacturers, industry and the Quad City Manufacturing Lab. These partnerships allow the engineering program to offer students hands-on experiences working with government entities and international corporations on leading-edge projects and technology development. The following are frequently asked questions and answers concerning engineering at Western Illinois University.

I’m confused about all the different engineering degrees at Western, what are the differences? There are only two Engineering Degrees at Western. Engineering is an ABET accredited degree with five emphasis areas that leads to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Mechanical Engineering is a new degree that leads to a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Engineering Technology: This degree leads to a Bachelor of Science in technology and is accredited by ATMAE. It is a good program for those who want to be involved in technology but don’t want to do the math required for engineering degrees.