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Scientists believe the syndrome does not affect long term as much as short term memory and discussing the past could engage a sufferer in conversation. What a treat: Dairy Box packaging, circa 1920. The earliest examples of packaging dates from the 1920s and includes the first wrappers for Aero, Dairy Box, and Fruit Gums. The document, produced from archives, contains products that longer exist such as Chocolate Pie, which sold for two shillings and Chocolate Cream Squares, which cost six shillings. Also included is an image of Motoring Chocolate, launched in the 1920s as an energy boost for car drivers.

Production: Rowntrees motoring chocolate, which is no longer being made, will feature in the collection. The collection includes packing from old kitchen favourites, including Carnation Evaporated milk and Nestle’s powder coffee from the 1950s. The makers of the pack hope carers of dementia sufferers will cut out the labels and stick them on top of current chocolate bars and kitchen essentials. It is thought this could also help to spark some old memories. Alex Hutchinson, an archivist at Nestle, which now owns Rowntree’s, said: ‘We came up with this idea because lots of people started asking us for old photographs. The different groups and charities wanted the pictures to help dementia sufferers, as looking at an old picture can bring up a memory.

We thought about other archive material we had and came up with a pack of wrappers, tins, and games that could offer a range of sensory experiences. We selected a range that were the most interesting and varied, in the hope that even if a memory wasn’t conjured up, they would still enjoy looking at them and talking about it. Day to day tasks can become difficult for a dementia sufferer but they are still able to remember past times and their happy experiences. The pack has been produced as a pdf file so that anyone can have access to it. It comes with posters, photographs, and wrappers to print out and bend around chocolate bars so they look like how they would have more than 60 years ago. We have included things like the Aero wrapper, which is how it would have looked in 1935 before it ceased production during the Second World War.