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Please forward this error screen to 193. Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Join Olbrich staff for fun and informative walks in the outdoor gardens lecture notes tropical medicine pdf conservatory.

All walks begin in the Visitor Center Lobby. What would be more enjoyable on a cold winter day than a guided tour and stroll through the warm and green paradise of Olbrich’s greenhouses? Join Conservatory Plant and Wildlife Assistant Cindy Cary for an informative behind-the-scenes stroll through the greenhouses, full of exotic tropical plants and beautiful orchids. Join Olbrich Horticulturists Erin Presley and Samara Eisner on a lively spring garden walk to get motivated for the growing season! They will discuss the basics of spring pruning, perennial clean-up and division, soil preparation, and mulching, plus share expert tips to save you time and effort.

Olbrich’s outdoor gardens include a collection of fine art sculptures integrated into the landscape design. Stroll through the gardens and explore these works of art with Olbrich Horticulturist Katey Pratt. She will provide in-depth information about the art, the inspiration behind them, and the artists and techniques used to create them. Enjoy a private guided tour through the tropical Conservatory with Conservatory Curator Colten Blackburn to discover some of the incredible tropical trees, palms, ferns, and flowering plants in the collection.

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See more than 650 plants up close, and hear about some of the unique adaptations and uses of plants from tropical and sub-tropical environments around the world. Colorful flowers and cold-hardy foliage plants grace Olbrich’s containers and planting beds long before the danger of spring frost is over. These spring plantings also feature edible greens and early vegetables that are a welcome change after a winter of drab meals! You and your family can help encourage native pollinators to thrive. The secret is to plant flowers and herbs they can use as food sources. Join Olbrich Horticulturist Katey Pratt on a walk in Olbrich’s outdoor gardens, where she will show you a variety of early spring plants that are attractive to pollinators and are well-suited for gardens with various light and soil conditions. Connect to nature through a garden walk, observations, and writing!

This 4-week class offers an accessible and engaging nature observation and writing process for all ages. Instructor Troy Hess, who has a masters degree in creative writing and has taught writing to students of all ages, will help you explore ways to observe nature and create place-based writing. This practice will nourish your body and mind. Through movement and poses you will cultivate strength, flexibility, and balance. Using mindfulness breathing, you will connect to a quiet, peaceful place in mind and spirit.

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