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CONTEST BOARD  Click here to view the Contest Board Manitou mt 932 pdf rev3. CONTEST BOARD COORDINATOR: Cliff Hiatt, 14218 Lake Tilden Blvd.

Boldface below indicates the chairman of the various Contest Boards. INDOOR FREE FLIGHT I: Ray Harlan, 15 Happy Hollow Rd. II: Tom Iacobellis, 342 Shearhill Rd. III: Don Slusarczyk, 868 Eaglewood Dr. IV: John Diebolt, 526 Heater Dr.

VI: Rey Mazzocco, 8212 Briarwood Dr. VIII: Bob Wilder, 1005 Hidden Oaks Ct. XI: Jake Palmer, 600 SE 177th Ave. III: Glen Van Sant, 414 Valley Rd. IV: Charles Williams, 1204 Waypoint Ct. VIII: Patrick Hempel, 304 Becky Ln. III: Robert Heywood, 1267 Old Country Dr.

IV: Everett Shoemaker, 109 Norbury Dr. VI: William Calkins, 317 Snow St. VII: Marc Warwashana, 11577 N Shore Rd. III: Laird Jackson, MCP HU 245 N. IV: Carl Cicneros, 11964 Cotton Mill Dr. VII: Steve Wilk, 3257 Welcome Ave N.