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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what once upon a time in the west piano pdf find. This article is about the actress. American actress, singer, playwright, screenwriter, comedian, and sex symbol whose entertainment career spanned seven decades.

Known for her lighthearted bawdy double entendres, and breezy sexual independence, West made a name for herself in vaudeville and on the stage in New York City before moving to Hollywood to become a comedian, actress, and writer in the motion picture industry, as well as appearing on radio and television. One of the more controversial movie stars of her day, West encountered many problems, especially censorship. She bucked the system, making comedy out of prudish conventional mores, and the Depression-era audience admired her for it. West was born in Bushwick, Brooklyn on August 17, 1893, having been delivered at home by an aunt who was a midwife. West’s father was a prizefighter known as “Battlin’ Jack West” who later worked as a “special policeman”, and later had his own private investigations agency. Her mother was a former corset and fashion model.

Her eldest sibling, Katie, died in infancy. West was five when she first entertained a crowd at a church social, and she started appearing in amateur shows at the age of seven. She often won prizes at local talent contests. She began performing professionally in vaudeville in the Hal Clarendon Stock Company in 1907 at the age of 14. She was encouraged as a performer by her mother, who according to West, always thought that anything Mae did was fantastic. Other family members were less encouraging, including an aunt and her paternal grandmother.

They are all reported as having disapproved of her career and her choices. Eventually, she began writing her own risqué plays using the pen name Jane Mast. Her first starring role on Broadway was in a 1926 play she entitled Sex, which she wrote, produced, and directed. Although conservative critics panned the show, ticket sales were strong.

Her next play, The Drag, dealt with homosexuality, and was what West called one of her “comedy-dramas of life”. After a series of try-outs in Connecticut and New Jersey, West announced she would open the play in New York. West continued to write plays, including The Wicked Age, Pleasure Man, and The Constant Sinner. In 1932, West was offered a motion picture contract by Paramount Pictures despite being close to 40.

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