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This pdf to svg linux links to various Linux performance material I’ve created, including the tools maps on the right. BPF tools: eBPF tracing tools and examples with bcc.

Posts about perf-based perf-tools: perf Hacktogram. USE Method page for the description of this methodology. Off-CPU Analysis Method, where I demonstrate this methodology on Linux. Linux distributions as the primary example.

This is my summary of Linux systems performance in 50 minutes, covering six facets: observability, methodologies, benchmarking, profiling, tracing, and tuning. It’s intended for people who have limited appetite for this topic. A video of the talk is on percona. For a lot more information on observability tools, profiling, and tracing, see the talks that follow. At Velocity 2015, I gave a 90 minute tutorial on Linux performance tools, summarizing performance observability, benchmarking, tuning, static performance tuning, and tracing tools.

I also covered performance methodology, and included some live demos. This should be useful for everyone working on Linux systems. I also posted about it on the Netflix Tech Blog. Instead of performance observability, this talk is about tuning. I begin by providing Netflix background, covering instance types and features in the AWS EC2 cloud, and then talk about Linux kernel tunables and observability. A video of the talk is on youtube and the slides are on slideshare.

I gave a talk on Broken Linux Performance Tools. A video of the talk is on youtube and the slides are on slideshare or as a PDF. At Kernel Recipes 2017 I gave an updated talk on Linux perf at Netflix, focusing on getting CPU profiling and flame graphs to work. This talk includes a crash course on perf_events, plus gotchas such as fixing stack traces and symbols when profiling Java, Node. There’s also an older version of this talk from 2015, which I’ve posted about. To learn more about flame graphs, see my flame graphs presentation. A video of the talk is on youtube, and the slides are on slideshare or as a PDF.

Each tool has a man page and example file. They are unstable and unsupported, and they currently use shell scripting, hacks, and the ftrace and perf_events kernel tracing frameworks. In a post about this talk, I included some more screenshots of these tools in action. BPF interfaces and a collection of tools.

The later half of this talk included Linux checklists for incident performance response. These may be useful whether you’re analyzing Linux performance in a hurry or not. A video of the talk is on youtube and usenix, and the slides are on slideshare and as a PDF. Linux performance tuning that should be largely applicable to all Linux distros.

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