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Chinese poet and minister who lived during the Warring States period of ancient China. Historical details about Qu Yuan’s life are few, and his authorship of many Chu Ci poems has been questioned at length. However, he is widely accepted to have written Li Sao, the most well-known of the Chu Ci poems. Sima’s own identification with Qu, is the only source of information on Qu’s life.

During the early days of King Huai’s reign, Qu Yuan was serving the State of Chu as its Left Minister. However, King Huai exiled Qu Yuan to the region north of the Han River, because corrupt ministers slandered him and influenced the king. During King Qingxiang’s reign, Prime Minister Zilan slandered Qu Yuan. This caused Qu Yuan’s exile to the regions south of the Yangtze River. In 278 BC, learning of the capture of his country’s capital, Ying, by General Bai Qi of the state of Qin, Qu Yuan is said to have collected folktales and written the lengthy poem of lamentation called “Lament for Ying”. Qu Yuan is regarded as the first author of verse in China to have his name associated to his work, since prior to that time, poetic works were not attributed to any specific authors. Chu was located in what is now the Yangzi River area of central China.

Qu Yuan had in the authoring, editing, or retouching of these works remains unclear. Following his suicide, Qu Yuan was sometimes revered as a water god, including by Taiwanese Taoists, who number him among the Kings of the Water Immortals. Qu Yuan began to be treated in a nationalist way as “China’s first patriotic poet” during World War II. Popular legend has it that villagers carried their dumplings and boats to the middle of the river and desperately tried to save Qu Yuan after he immersed himself in the Miluo but were too late to do so. However, in order to keep fish and evil spirits away from his body, they beat drums and splashed the water with their paddles, and they also threw rice into the water both as a food offering to Qu Yuan’s spirit and also to distract the fish away from his body. These packages became a traditional food known as zongzi, although the lumps of rice are now wrapped in leaves instead of silk.

The act of racing to search for his body in boats gradually became the cultural tradition of dragon boat racing, held on the anniversary of his death every year. Wenxuan, “Diào Qū Yuán fù” 弔屈原賦. Qu Yuan”, China: Five Thousand Years of History and Civilization, Kowloon: City University of Hong Kong Press, 2007, pp. The Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature, Volume 1. The Quest of the Goddess”, Studies in Chinese Literary Genres, Berkeley: University of California Press, pp.

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