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Abstract Alarm fatigue has emerged as a growing concern for patient safety in healthcare. Understanding analysis abbott pdf solutions is a need for a clear and common understanding of the concept to assist in the development of effective strategies and policies to eradicate the multi-dimensional aspects of the alarm fatigue phenomena affecting the nursing practice arena. Additionally, empirical referents are identified and illustrations of the concept are presented in model, borderline, and contrary cases.

Contextual Information of Alarm Fatigue Many background noises and disruptive sounds echo through hospitals today. Many of the sounds heard by patients, families, and staff are derived from a blend of human and mechanical sounds. As technology has advanced over the years, the multiple medical device systems used to monitor patients for potential problems have increased along with the sensitivity of the alarm signals contributing to the noisy hospital environment. Alarm fatigue is acknowledged as a contributor to clinicians’ environmental distractions and interferes with the ability of clinicians to perform critical patient care responsibilities resulting in patient safety issues.

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