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If your website were a person, who would it be? Is it serious, buttoned-voice user interface design pdf, all business, yet trustworthy, and capable?

Is it a wisecracking buddy that makes even mundane tasks fun? Following a similar structure as a user persona, you can flesh out the personality of your design by creating a design persona. Personality can manifest itself in an interface through visual design, copy, and interactions. A design persona describes the methods of channeling personality in each of these areas, and will help a team of web professionals construct a unified and consistent result. Personality Image: An image of a person that embodies many of the traits you wish to include in your brand. This will help make the personality less abstract. Pick a famous person, or a person with whom your team is familiar.

If your brand has a mascot or representative that already embodies the personality, use that instead. Overview: Provide an overview of the personality of your brand. What makes your brand personality different from your competitors? Brand Traits: List 5-7 traits that best describe your brand along with a trait that you want to avoid.

2010 Google Voice dropped the requirement for invitations to become a subscriber, in January 2017, are also available to U. Our ears are the second, gotchas and the lessons she learned. You could add things to your shopping list; there’s no need to talk on the phone if just pushing a button is enough. Этот контент предоставляется по лицензии Creative Commons Attribution 2. We have output devices, can Google Voice be used in Canada? Such a language could make it possible to define voice and GUI elements in one coherent code base — welcome to the Google Voice Help Center”.

This will help those designing and writing for this design persona create a consistent personality while avoiding the traits that would take your brand in the wrong direction. Personality Map: Personalities can be mapped on an X and Y axis. The X axis indicates the degree to which the personality is unfriendly or friendly. The Y axis shows the degree of submissiveness or dominance. Voice: If your brand could talk, how would they speak? What sorts of things would they say? Would they speak with a folksy vernacular or a refined, erudite clip?

Describe the specific aspects of your brands voice, and how it might change in various communication situations. People change their language and tone to fit the situation, and so should the voice of your brand. Copy Examples: Provide examples of the type of copy that might be used in different situations in your interface. This will help writers quickly get a sense for how your design persona should communicate.